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"I'd rather have an inch of a dog than miles of pedigree."

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Welcome to IVERSON'S PITBULLS - Home of some truly amazing American Pitbull Terriers. 'Iversonís Pitbulls' is simply a family of very knowledgeable Pitbull enthusiasts that possess a wealth of knowledge, experience and compassion for this breed. Our goal is to PROMOTE Pitbulls & AmStaffs that are driven, healthy, happy, family oriented, temperamentally sound, hard-working, athletic, and meet the conformation standards for this breed. We believe a Pitbull should encompass the Drive, Atheticism, Courage, and Fire that originally was the Pit Bulldog. We just moved from ARIZONA and are now residing in Birmingham, ALABAMA!!! where the dogs we brought with us and the ones destined to be with us will recieve nothing but the best.

We are committed to the improvement of the breed through responsible breeding and ownership. We are also committed to the continued education of ourselves, our neighbors, the general public, and prospective dog owners.
WE ARE NOT A "KENNEL," A BREEDING FACILITY, OR A PUPPY MILL. Our last two breedings were 4 years apart. We are simply enthusiests of the breed, and with this website, like to keep our friends and family updated about our dogs. Our dogs are treated as family - not kenneled all day, not over-fed and under-worked, not neglected because we have 'better things to do,' and surely not bred for monetary gain or for public praise and credit. OUR BREEDINGS ARE FEW AND FAR BETWEEN and we rarely ever have puppies available...but If you have any questions, comments or concerns...feel free to contact us. We absolutely do not, in any way/shape/form, condone/participate/promote any illegal, immoral, or inhumane dog activities and expect anybody buying or breeding any of our dogs to feel the same way.

Our future plans & goals are to help bring honor and prestige back to the bloodline of dogs commonly known as "Castillo" dogs - created and bred by Ms. Tekla Castillo of 'California Pits' almost 30 years ago...and helped along with some visionary breeders such as Astig Kennel, Satin Kennel, Anchorchain Kennel, Munoz Bros Kennel, Vegas Kennel, Coldsteel Kennel, etc. This bloodline was founded upon spectacular UKC CH & GRCH dogs. Over many years, Ms Castillo built her dogs' legacy and reputation, and left one hell of an impact on the UKC conformation show world. What remained of her awesome bloodline was, until recently, dwindling away. More often than not, in the hands of unethical and unrespectable breeders...some of these dogs are being bred completely away from the proper standards that allowed her bloodline to prosper in the past. Only a very small handful of people aim to restore and revitalize this line to its former glory - THAT is our mission. We WILL, through very selective linebreeding of the best specimens available, create a new generation of Castillo dogs that will also prosper not only in the Conformation Show Ring, but in various types of Working events as well. Keep checking back to see what's going on over here at the Iverson camp. Thanks for visiting !

All of our dogs are UKC and/or ADBA registered.

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